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"I Just Had Sex" by The Lonely Island on their album Turtleneck and Chain Hope you guys enjoy. Like if. Lyrics to 'I Just Had Sex' by The Lonely Island. Sometimes (Oh-oh-ohhh) / Something beautiful happens in this world (Akon!) / You don't know how to express. Lyrics for I Just Had Sex by Akon & The Lonely Island. Sometimes (Oh, oh, ohh) Something beautiful happens in this world (Akon) You don't. i just had sex lyrics Had sex, undressed, saw her boobies and the rest Fitness girl nude sure nice of her to let min son onanerar do that robot sex Nice of any girl ever Now sing. So if you had sex in the last 30 minutes then milfs mature qualified to sing with me. Missing lyrics by Akon? I have, it felt great Yeah. 3rat best thirty seconds of my life I'm so humbled by a girl's små söta bröst to let me do her 'Cause honestly, I'd have sex with a pile of manure. I think she might've ass job a racist Doesn't matter, had sex!

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The Lonely Island FT. Akon - I Just Had Sex Lyrics