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You'll “never ever need a girl again,” the homemade Fleshlight-like inventor promises. Because a human being is basically a can of chips. This is a picture tutorial of how to make your own homemade Fleshlight male sex toy. All it requires is some starch, a cup, a stick, a microwave. Sometimes, the hand just doesn't cut it. Women have a HUGE market for sex toys, but how many dudes do you know that proudly own a Fleshlight? With the.

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This includes posts which may incite activism, outcry, outrage or involve "injustice". Squirt some KY Jelly inside to the bottom, use a decent a mount, but not a ton. It dosent work for me I mix all the st uff yes right amounts and microwave and then I wait for it to solidify and it just goes back to corn starch on bottom and water on top help? Hover to view - mobile users tap here Shout Outs: Tired Of Rubik's Cube? To what heights of perversion, what peaks of sordid pleasure, will I one day ascend? When secured over the hrim, use a couple of thick rubber band sto keep them nice and tight around the edge.